Transport service

We deliver from 1 car with an average volume of 15,000 transported cars per month by all available modes of transport.


Own fleet - 305 auto transporters and 8 tow trucks.


Subcontracting fleet - up to 500 additional units of equipment. Delivery by rail in specialized car-carrying wagons and in containers is widely used. 


Delivery geography - all over the world, due to the possibility of widely using sea transport. 


We will offer a comprehensive solution for any request.

Port services

NYK Auto Logistics (Rus) handles vehicles in the Baltic and Black Seas. Specialized car terminals are located in the ports of St. Petersburg (the terminal on the territory of the port "PetroLesPort" is the largest in the processing of cars in the Russian Federation) and Novorossiysk (terminal "KSK"). 


The total annual turnover exceeds 100,000 vehicles handled. 


The activity is carried out both for the processing of imported volumes and for sending cars for export.

Customs services

We provide assistance in customs clearance of all types of rolling equipment, including cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, large-sized agricultural and construction equipment, as well as spare parts, oils and equipment. 


Since the beginning of operations in 2013, the company has issued about 250,000 units of vehicles. 


Our team will conduct an examination of the documents, give recommendations on the necessary adjustments, prepare the necessary documentation, calculate customs payments and provide recommendations on the necessary permits.

Storage services

NYK Auto Logistics (Rus) is the owner and operator of two large terminals with a full range of terminal services:

 - Moscow region, Lobnya, capacity 9500 cars; 

 - St. Petersburg, Petergovskoe Shosse, 4000 parking spaces; 


Both terminals have technical centers on their territory that allow the completion of vehicles for various needs. 


At your service are the best practices honed by our company during its existence.

Insurance services

NYK Auto Logistics (Rus) offers the most complete portfolio of insurance services: from insurance of transported vehicles to representing clients in the payment of claims and consulting on risk management. 


We help in holding tenders among insurance companies to improve the conditions of insurance coverage and prices, we monitor the insurance market and advise in the field of risk management.


NYK Auto Logistics (Rus) carries out technical work on the retrofitting and modification of passenger cars as part of pre-sale preparation, as well as in the release of special versions intended for local markets and during marketing campaigns. 


There are also full-scale truck services at their own terminals in Lobnya and St. Petersburg.